Monday, April 16, 2007


Ruby! The youngest of the bunch, turned 4 months just yesterday. She is so sweet and loveable. Everybody adores her. It has been so touching to see David and Jonathan love on her! She loves it when anybody stops to play and talk to her. She loves Bath time and enjoys to be tickled. She has become such a part of our life I don't know what we would to with out her. It will be such a joy to see her grow in the ways of the Lord!
Thank you Lord for such a wonderful miracle!

Jonathan! You are such a funny little boy. You have brought us so much laughter and joy. You are growing up so fast, almost 3 years old! You have such a soft heart and don't like to see anybody upset. You love helping to do any work that needs to be done. You are doing so well on your violin! I love teaching you. I love hearing you say "Help me Lord" when you are looking for something and "Thank you Lord" when you find it! Your name means Gift of God and truly you are just that!

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