Thursday, April 26, 2007

Our Trip to Lewes


On the Ferry!

At the Art Exhibit

We went to Lewes, Delaware ( pronounced Lewis) Yesterday for a homeschool field trip. We visited our friend Randy Hofman's Art Display at Peninsula Gallery. He met us there and spoke about the inspiration for each picture, what medium he likes to use, why he likes it, different forms of art and so much else.I know it inspired not only myself but many of the others as well. Afterwards we went to the Lewes Ferry and rode to Cape May, New Jersey and back for fun. The kids had a great time. Even though it was crowded on the way to N.J., the ride was smooth but on the way back it was hard to walk in a straight line! I felt quite tired and was ready to fall asleep as the boat rocked back and forth. If you looked out the window you would see sky then water then sky then water... all the way back to Delaware

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