Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More of everything and everybody

Here are some more. ( I know you couldn't wait!)

All the kids got to ride a horse. Summer's turn.

Cutest Kid in the West!!!!

Gimme a shave pardner!

Panning for fool's gold.

The kids got to ride an antique swing ride. Jonathan cried and screamed to stop and get off during the whole ride and as soon as the ride stopped and he was on the ground he says "That was fun!".

This is how Dad rode the paddle boats.

Dad, Ruby, and I!

Tin-Tin's turn!

Sophie's turn.

David's turn.
There's more to come.........


Dustin said...

WOW! I could say so much about those pix, but i think they speak for themselves! We have been away too long: Johnathan and Ruby are HUGE!!

But i will say that's a nice custom boat for your dad, and i don't remember Isaac + Josh's eyes being so fat. Maybe they got stung by a bee.

oh, and "yo God" hahaha

Lilleys of the Field said...

Yeah, I don't have much time to write so since a picture is worth a thousand words....
We definately have to get our families together soon!

Anonymous said...

Those were some great pics. I really liked the one of davy in the barbers chair. Isaac and I do look like we got stung by a bee, HA HA! Your dad should bring a 25LB weight when he decides to go pattle boating! Josh