Sunday, September 2, 2007

Where has the summer gone?

As crazy and wonderful as the summer is, I can't help but look forward to the fall. I love the changing seasons. The smell of burning wood drifting on a cool breeze. The trees as they drop their emerald coats to don the reds and oranges of the dying leaves. Isn't it funny how the leaves are the most beautiful when they are dying? Is that how we are? Do we become more vibrant when we die to our desires, putting others higher than ourselves? Serving instead of waiting to be served? Cheerfully giving of our cup? I think so. This is the way our Master walked, should we not follow?
Lord, start with me. Make me more willing to follow in your footsteps even as You became a servant to all.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, let that be in me also Lord. That was really cool about the leavs looking the most beautiful when they are dieing. I am glad fall is here also. I like driving down a country road lookin at the trees, fields, and all the other scenary. Plus, fall means hunting season is almost here!