Wednesday, December 19, 2007


There is so much to say.

Everyone is doing well. Lee went to a friends cabin in PA for 3 days of paintball, snowboarding and *ahem* "manly things". Summer had her 1st concert with the Asbury Orchestra on the 16th. She did really well! Summer, Sophie and I have been going to a friends house and taking care of their 2 horses Taylor and Dale. Sophie the you-cannot-wake-her-up-for-anything type of person actually got-up at 7:10am so she could go with Summer and I! David and Jonathan are enjoying the cowboy stage of life ( I know we all have gone through it!) and are eagerly waiting for the January Rodeo in Salisbury. Really, I think we all are! And as you know Ruby enjoyed her 1st birthday! I will be posting pictures... someday. Time is going by too quickly. Maybe it has something to do with working 3 jobs? Well anyway, that's all for now folks!

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