Friday, January 25, 2008

Back Home

As we have survived 5 full days back home from being away, I thought I should surprise Monika and post something all by myself. I don't do much on the computer as I am unable, due to lack of time and skill but I am starting to try to learn. I had no willingness as there is too much to do in a day without having to take the time and learn this and then have time to write. Well, I guess you can teach a middle age dog to do new tricks!!

I did not want to come back to "normal" around here. I want to walk in the Spirit and not lose that connection I established with Papa on the road and at Christian Retreat. It is so easy to go back to the drugery of schooling, meals, cleaning, etc. We continue to meet twice a day as family and worship, pray, and read the Word together in an unrushed manner. It is a blessing! That is the time I look forward to each day and not rushing it as to get on to all the "stuff" we must do. That is the "stuff " we must do. We must seek Him first. Blessings, Lisa

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