Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We are home now. Can't you tell from the lack of posting?

Things are as busy as ever but what I realized is that your attitude makes all the difference!

Sounds simple right?

Sometimes it isn't. Starving our flesh isn't always enjoyable. Today I had a long list of phone calls, paper work, computer related jobs, and errands to finish. Along with the normal daily stuff. Usually I get stressed, worried, and irritated over it all.
Today though actually turned out rather pleasant and the reason (drum roll please).... I kept praising Him. Even when the errands took longer than I had hoped and the list of phone calls kept growing I kept thanking Him and praising. It would have been easy to complain, to pout and just make the whole day miserable for myself and everyone around me. But that's just it, it would have been easy. It's always easier to do whatever you feel like. And He is faithful when we make the effort because you know what? I got everything done!
He is good! -Monika

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