Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jamaica Part 1

Here we are! We made it.


It was a rough beginning. Here is a quick overview of Sun. -Today, Tuesday. We started packing on Sun. around 3:30 pm and finished at 7:30. Then we drove to Baltimore to stay at a friends church so we could get to the airport early without having to get-up too early. We still ended up having to get-up at 5am and even then we barely made our 9am flight. It was really crowded at the airport and it took us longer to do everything with all of us. We did make it and everything went well until we flew into Montego Bay at 1:30 on Monday...

All the workers at the Montego Bay airport were on strike.

We had to wait about an hour on the plane before they could get someone to open the doors for us. All our baggage made it out before us so we didn't have to wait for it. Immigration and Customs weren't too bad either. Once we got our luggage outside we loaded them on a bus and headed to Mandeville Evangelistic Center...

To be continued...

This is a quick overview and with over 20 people on the trip with us with only one computer to use, internet time will be short. We probably won't get to write real in depth until we get back to the states.

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