Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jamaica Part 3

Tomorrow will be our last full day here. I think the plan is to work until lunch and then after lunch go to an orphanage. But that is "Jamaican Time". Like when they said the bus for church would come at 7am... well.. it came 8:30 As much as we have enjoyed our stay I think we all are ready to go home.

Most of our days were spent working in the morning and afternoon. Just before dinner or right after was spent getting ready for the outreaches or meetings, that is if we had water for the showers! Most of our showers have been cold if we even have water! I have taken only 2 hot showers the whole time, but I have really been appreciating running water lately.
The food is.. well.. different. ALL chicken is cooked and cut with the bone still in, we had goat today, and chicken soup with chicken feet in it. It's a good thing I like rice!!

We went to a really nice beach yesterday for the afternoon and got dominoes pizza for dinner! I know.. they even have dominoes in Haiti.
Well someone else is waiting to use the computer and we have a meeting in 30 min. so until next post....


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Anonymous said...

MMMM! That food sound really good Iv'e had goat before and I was not even in a foreign country! LOL!!! I pray yall will have a safe trip home on tuesday. Josh