Monday, March 17, 2008

Tid Bits from Jamaica

Bless the Lord!! He has ordered our steps in Jamaica. Much work has been done both in the physical and supernatural. It has been awesome to see the power of God flow through ordinary vessels. It is so encouraging to see brothers and sisters in Christ love, worship, and serve the Lord outside the states. The Lord reigns over Jamaica and the universe!! There are MANY Christians here that are sold out to the Lord and just like home there is a bar on every corner and sometimes two bars on every corner! We know who wins...Jesus!!! Just a few tid bits from our trip:
The Jamaica airport workers were on strike when we arrived and it allowed an extra hour or so to talk with the stewardess who was very curious about us traveling with six children to Jamaica not knowing how and where we were staying. She thought we were Mormons and I shared my testimony with her. She was very precious and I believe seeds were planted.
The first full day here we went to the grocery store and I spent 2,900 Jamaican dollars or J's...just like home..."Honey, I need more money!" A half a gallon of milk was $10.00 U.S. dollars...we opted to buy the reconstituted. We are unable to drink the water here and a 5 gallon jug is $20.00 and then they put it on the UV filter.
As we did not know what to expect for the accommodations, we prepared for camping and brought our own towels, sheets, sleeping bags as suggested. We were content for the floor but the Lord as blessed us with a very beautiful and comfortable place to stay. I feel the theme for me this trip is "exceedingly and abundantly" as we have truly been blessed more than we have been a blessing!!! Lucy's family threw a surprise anniversary party complete with banner and cupcakes!! I feel so much love from the group. All have helped with children and in everything: cooking, cleaning, etc.
I just figured out yesterday, that the weekend before we were to leave, the Lord gave me 2 Corinthians chapter 4 and I shared that with Ella and Joanne at Sonspot and it is painted on Pastor William's two churches we have visited. I thank the Lord that He can give me some encouragement that I hear Him.
Well, I could go on and on but will close with this...last night all the kids got a hot bath/shower. their second one, I was finally going to get my first warm shower so I turned on the water and the pressure was great, even Sherri commented, "Wow, your going to get a good shower!" I jumped in soaped/shampooed up praising the Lord and then the water cut out. Well, you know me, I just praised the Lord!!! The Lord has used every person here and His favor has been as a shield. It has been unbelievable!!
Blessings, Lisa

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