Monday, March 3, 2008

Truth or Rumor?

Yes it is true. We check it out on Snopes and verified the fact that the Rumor is true.

The Lilleybillies are going to Jamaica!

We will be leaving on the 10th and coming home on the 18th of this month, March. We are going to Mandeville with some of our church to do some building and working in the day and holding meetings in the night.

We would greatly covet your prayers while gone as this is a big step of faith. Taking our whole family, finances, jobs, etc., But we trust the Lord and this is where He is leading us... we must follow! Where He guides He will provide.


Dustin said...

uh....does 'wow' even describe that at all? THAT'S AWESOME!!!

Akicage said...
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Anonymous said...

Cool!!! Praise the Lord! That's great. I'll definately be praying for yall. Blessings, Josh

Janet said...

Be praying for yoou all LOVE from me Janet