Tuesday, April 1, 2008

He daily loadeth us with benefits..Psalm 68:19

Can you imagine seeing a dress you would like to have at Marshall's but you didn't buy because it was too expensive and unnecessary, just show up for free at your doorstep? Well, it happened. Monika and Summer saw a sweet little dress for Ruby at Marshall's complete with jacket and hat. It was way too expensive and totally unnecessary...but not to the Lord. He saw fit to deliver, not only that brand new dress, but many other brand new, name brand clothes that were many of our wants and needs. I just said to Monika last night that I really need some new undershirts. This was a necessity!!! It was only 12 hours later that they were delivered. He knows I don't have time or money to get undershirts. He made it easy and light. I didn't pray for them. He knows what I have need of physically and spiritually before I ask.

As I awoke this morning around 6 am to the beautiful praises that the birds sing to the creator, I was filled with joy. It isn't always like that!!! I was anticipating a new day to love and serve Him and excited about what it would hold for us. I knew mom my would be coming today and we had made some plans, Lord willing. When a friend came by with a car loaded with beautiful brand new clothes and other assorted items, I was close to tears. It was only 8:30 am!! What a great time of fellowship we had as J.J., my mom ,and all read the Bible, prayed, and praised. Just the fellowship would have been enough.

There is so much more to write. My heart is bursting and my cup is full. I have so much more to write on Jamaica and so much of Jamaica on my heart. I have to go back to my vineyard and tend it until He provides time to write. Blessings, Lisa


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!! That is so cool. The Lord knows our hearts and needs and desires, it is so awesome to see Him meet them! He is our provider in every way.

alex said...

Is very good