Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hard Core Homeschoolers

We went to Colonial Williamsburg in March. It was cold, wet, and yucky. Needless to say, it wasn't crowded. We were some of the only people on the bus. It did snow later, which was absolutely gorgeous. And of course meant my camera would go and die on me... arrgghh.
These are some pictures of those 2 days... I would add captions but blogger is giving me a hard time so... use your imagination.


Josh said...

LOL!!! HA HA!!! Those are some great pics!!! I love the one with the kids next to the people on the wall. My favorit (I think I spelled that one wrong) (maybe I should have gotten better than B in English at WOR-WIC after all) pic was the one of TIn-TIN!

Monika said...

It was fun!! Tin and Ruby always keep us laughing.

JennC said...

I love the pictures! I definitely need to check your blog more often. :)