Friday, June 12, 2009

Ok...Ok...I'll step back.

Last Sunday as I was praying for direction for someone else the Lord showed me a picture of a little child with her little face pressed against the cold window pane, watching and waiting as patiently as possible. After a few minutes she couldn't see out the window anymore because her breath was covering the window with fog.

I knew that was for me.

There has been so much new stuff going on, so many new doors open, that lately I have wondered what I will be doing 5 years or even 6 months down the road.

I want so badly to see what He is doing... what I will be doing. I don't try to "stick my nose" into it or fix it or change it, I just want to know and I want to know NOW. But in trying to see through the glass for the future, I fog it up. All I need to know is for now... not for the future and when I strain and press and try to figure it all out and try to see what will happen, I miss what is going on in my life now. If I would simply step back and rest in His arms, He will give me direction when I need it .

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