Monday, October 26, 2009

Count down...

While here the clinic was having a contest to see who could guess the time of birth for the 15,000 baby here. There was a prize for both the mother of the baby and the closest guesser.

Last night I had the honor of actually being on shift when she was born! I had gotten to help with baby number 14,999 and was taking vitals in the post partum room when I heard yelling, Bethany Stewart and I ran to the birth room and saw the new baby placed on her mommy's tummy! 9:07pm 10-26-09 (Filippino time). The parents didn't even know of the contest and were very surprised and excited. They even named the baby Mercy Joy! How sweet.
Krystina, Mercy's Director, actually guessed the closest time of 9:00pm! She gave her prize to the parents as well.

So that, along with a lot of new thing I have learned , was the highlight of my week!

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Petunia said...

So glad to hear that all's well and that you're learning so much. See you when you get home. Take care!
Pat in Dover