Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Now Boarding...

Airport good-byes are hard. Actually any good-byes are hard for me. I didn't even turn around to wave good-bye as I walked away. I couldn't.
So here I am waiting for my third flight, from Seoul, Korea to Manila, Philippines. From there I have one more 2 hour flight to Davao.
The Lord has been so merciful to me during these flights... on the longest flight He gave me a window seat so I could actually sleep!

This trip has given me so much to think about.
On the 13th, before I left, I was trying to get some errands done. Of course I was in a rush and normally errands don't make me very joyful (though I am learning to count it all joy). I walked into the post office and there was about 10 people in line ahead of me. I stood there and thought "I won't be able to stand in the Berlin post office for a month". Then the line didn't seem so long, and it even seemed to move quicker. I guess all I am trying to say is this trip has made me very grateful for the people and things around me. I hadn't noticed in awhile how beautiful it has been around our house or how much I really do need all the people He has surrounded me with. I have been overwhelmed with the love and thoughtfulness everyone has shown me. I feel so unworthy and inadequate. Thank you all for your love!

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Anonymous said...

You are loved so much, Monika.

What a beautiful family.