Friday, October 30, 2009

So my time is quickly coming to a close here. I have 12 days left.

In some ways I feel like I have been here forever and in others I feel like I have just gotten here.
God has been sooooo good to me. Everything has been over and abundantly what I have expected. I cannot believe all I have been able to do!

I have been working in the clinic almost everyday and finally have all my observes and charts done so hopefully when I work night shift I will be able to assist. I am not sure how many I will have to have but I believe I will need 10 before I can catch. So... who knows, maybe I will get to catch a baby before I go home. That would be AMAZING (and totally unexpected)!

Maria and I have finally found the fabric needed to have my favorite pair of culottes copied and maybe today we will find a tailor. We were also hoping to eat dinner at Cup and Lowercase, a wonderful brick fired pizza place. I think it tops even J &J's at home! My favorite pizza so far has been the Arugula and Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza. It does look kinda funny when it comes with these big arugula leaves on it but it is oh, so good!

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Josh said...

WOW, that would be totally amaizing if you were able to catch a baby! Man, sounds like the Lord has done so much is a short time. PTL!!!
The pizza sounds good too. LOL!