Sunday, October 18, 2009


I worked my first shift yesterday, 6am-2pm. It was rather slow.
I work tomorrow from 2pm-10pm.
As a side note I'm not really working. I am following/observing and if I can do anything such as charting and making beds (haven't done that yet but they said I would be doing quite a few of them!) then I will do that.

I rode the longest zipline in Asia yesterday afternoon and today we went snorkeling at the Coral Reef and The Wall. Coral Reef is exactly what it sounds like, a coral reef. :-) But it is beautiful! The corals are amazing. The Wall is a coral reef that just drops from about 6-7 ft to about neat! I wished I had a camera.

Speaking of cameras... I am having issues getting the pictures off my camera so .... pictures will hopefully come later.

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