Sunday, November 1, 2009

Too Rich?

So lately I have been thinking a lot about broccoli because... well, I am just like it.

I had been reading a gardening magazine (while brushing my teeth... why does He always seem to speak to me then? Hhhhmm... maybe cause that's when I'm quiet?) and I was reading an article on using leaf mulch as the only soil and the author of the article was saying how his beans didn't do well because the soil was too rich. "Too rich? How could soil be too rich?" I thought.
Then I remembered another article I had read about broccoli and how the first year the author had tried to grow it, it did wonderful but the second year it did horrible and he didn't know why. Then he figured out the he had fertilized it so much the second year that the broccoli never felt threatened and so never went to seed. It never brought forth true life.


Doesn't that sound like my life?

Only when I feel like I am "threatened", when I have to make a "big" decision, or do something "important" or really just get out of my comfort zone in some way or another, only then do I really produce any seed or fruit.

There is a difference between growth and fruit. All trees produce leaves but only some produce fruit. There is a difference both in the life of trees as well as a life of a christian. So often I mistake my leaves of growth for blossoms of fruit. And don't get me wrong, growth is wonderful and important but Jesus didn't say, you will know them by their growth. No, He said you would know them by their fruit.

I felt like God has been saying that that is what this trip would be like. I would have to rely on Him and Him alone for everything. And through that, I would produce fruit and seed that would bless and bring life to others, as well as to myself.

So right now, I thank you Lord, for taking me out of my rich comfort zone and placing me in a zone of growth. Don't let me miss what You have for me. Direct each step I take, I belong to You. And want to grow up to be just like You!

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Jean said...

Food for thought. Thanks for the lesson of the broccoli!