Monday, November 22, 2010

Of Butter and Soap

There is something so satisfactory in making a normal commodity from scratch.

I made butter a couple of days ago. I am still learning how to skim the cream from the milk so it didn't make much but wow, what an amazing process!
It doesn't look like much when you pour it into the mixer, nothing more than thick milk. Then all of a sudden, from under the buttermilk, you see a thick yellow substance forming.
Even though I "know why" it should happen, it still seems like a miracle when it happens.

So much like the process in  bar soap, too.
I "know why" the lye should thicken with the oils to make a pudding like substance that will harden into beautiful rich bars of soap in only 4 weeks.

I may "know why" but I don't think I will every comprehend or understand why.
He designed all this... and it blows me away.
What an amazing, creative God!

Little wonderful things.
Everyday miracles... I so enjoy them.

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