Friday, November 19, 2010

So shetlands are a little persnickety about their coats. Sometimes they need to be shorn twice a year and sometimes not. I was hoping "not" for this year but by early November I knew she would need to be shorn. So, I decided to try.

I hadn't sheared a sheep since the class back in March.

I knew I needed to start somewhere so I took a deep breath and turned the shears on.

Can't you see the apprehension in my face?

Of course Lydie was a stinker the whole time. But we managed to do ok together. She better get used to it though! I finally finished her after almost 2 hours. Whew! It didn't take me that long in class but then again, I didn't have someone reminding me of "the dance steps".

And boy, was I sore the next day!

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Beatrice said...

Wow you look like a pro!

That is how we are with triming our horses hooves ( it takes ua a long time and we are sore afterwards) :)