Friday, March 4, 2011

Just saying "Hi!"

It's been awhile since we have updated.... life just keeps rolling along! These goats are teaching me so much... about perseverance and scheduling. I don't always feel like getting up before dawn to milk momma goat but it's not about what I want... it's about what's best for her!
The babies are getting so big. They have provided many a laugh at their funny antics. And let me tell you, they can jump a lot higher than I ever thought they could!
Anybody want to give a good home to a sweet little black nigerian dwarf buck? :-)
*sigh* I can't keep them both!


Beatrice Kamperman said...

Sounds Fun :) I love goats, my friend has a ton of goats !!!

derstine family said...

On Monica! Calli has been begging for a baby goat forever! BUT WHERE would it go??? It needs a fence right? ah ah- It cannot very well hang out with us in the living room- ha ha lol!

Monika said...

Lucy, it would need a fence but it is a nigerian dwarf so it won't get real big at all! I am going to castrate them today or tomorrow and they will be sooooo sweet! The black one with a milk mustache would love to go home with you! :-) And they are really good at cleaing out brush! :-)