Friday, January 11, 2008

Christian Retreat

We are in Florida at Christian Retreat. We were obedient to come even though it did not make sense at all. Our family usually goes to Florida every year but we didn't want to come to Florida just because we come every year. We want to come because He wants us to come. It was just 4 days before our departure date that Dave and I stood up in faith as the group that was to come to Florida received a prayer at Sonspot from Craig. Dave and I leaned forward to each other at the same time and both said, "I think we are suppose to stand up with the group." It wasn't long after that I heard the Lord say, "Pack your bags." I have to admit, I still had my doubts but I do trust Him.
The first two days I cried almost non-stop. There has been so much that has gone on with baby Elijah Magee going to be with Father, my brother having trouble but coming closer to the Lord, my mom having great needs but also coming closer to the Lord, and not to mention our own pressing needs. We are positioning ourselves for a miracle as we sure do need one or more. We are taking off our dirty rags and putting on the garment of praise no matter how it looks in the natural. He is so faithful!!

When Dave said he was obedient to the lord when he booked a place in the Keys after Christian Retreat I had some doubts which I rebuked. We prayed together and put a fleece out that if the "check" that we were waiting on would arrive by Friday we would take that as a "go" from the Lord. I really did not think that it would happen and it did. We are waiting on a few "checks" and are learning patience in that and many areas. It could only be the Lord that provided a beautiful place for us at less than half than we normally pay. We've stayed the the same place several years now and have made relationships with workers, etc here and have told many the Good News. Michael from Haiti has received many prayers from us and has wept during prayers.

We headed to church our first day here and were rejoicing and praising the Lord with our family at Spirit and Truth Ministries in Islamorada. This place reminds me of Sonspot! The church family there shared with us how many of them, too, have been in hard spots and the Lord is shaking them and they are trusting Him. Our friends, the Timmerman's, have been going through much as their 14 year old daughter started having seizures. We are believing He will heal her.

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