Thursday, February 21, 2008

Seeds, Seasons and I

I can't even begin to describe how busy it has been lately. Teaching, Real Estate, much work, so many opportunities, not enough time. I have been asking the Lord continually to open only His doors and close those that I'm not supposed to walk through.

Sometimes though, in the midst of all this, I feel as though I am doing nothing. That I am waiting for Him to send me or use me. Standing by as all my friends finish college, go on missions trips, and fulfill the dreams and visions God has given them, is hard. When I look back on my life during those years I sometimes feel like I have nothing to show for it. No college degree, no amazing mission trip.
That's when the Lord reminds me that I am looking through my physical eyes and not my spiritual. I'm not listening or believing what He has told me because I'm busy doing all the talking. That's when He reminds me of all the opportunities I have had to shine His light. In my work place: doing my absolute best for everyone in everything. In my teaching: being patient and encouraging to all. With my family and friends: being a godly, helpful and loving example. In the post office, in the grocery store, at the library, at the... well you get the idea! I was forgetting, not only all the opportunities, but also Who gave them to me. Of course! I am in this season for a reason. Even if I don't see it now, so what! I'm only a human, why should I expect to know the reason for every thing. And anyway, this is only a season. One day I'll be in a new season just like the seasons of the year change. This is a planting season for me. I can't see the seeds any more but they are there and they are growing in the soil... where I can't see them. So I choose to trust. No matter what is going on around me!

And besides, I'm not my friends and I'm not living their life. I'm living my own and am loving every minute of it!!!


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