Friday, April 18, 2008

Birthday Blessings!!

Today is daddy Dave's birthday!! We are not big on celebrating birthdays as there are so many around here but we like to have dinner and a cake. I prayed to the Lord that He would give Dave a supernatural birthday gift as I have nothing for him and the Lord answered the prayer. The Lord is so amazing. It was a quick answer!! That morning a bill collector called. Yes, we are still having tests in the finance area. The collector stated they were getting ready to move in the legal direction. Dave said he didn't know how he could pay at this time but knew the Lord was somehow going to work things out. The man said, "What did you say!!" Dave repeated and the man began to pray and prophesy unbelievably and spoke words of life to Dave!!! Dave put the phone on speaker and I wept and wept at how the Lord could use this guy to encourage us!!! I later cried again when someone sent money to Monika and Lee for college and me for a blessing!!!

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Josh said...

Praise the Lord!!! It's so cool to see the Lord work in our situations when we trust in Him. May the Lord richly bless yall in every way.