Tuesday, April 22, 2008

He Opens Doors

I started teaching an after-school violin program at Pocomoke Middle School on April the 15th. Wow! I can hardly believe it. I auditioned for the job with a program called "Twinkle in Ten" in late August. I interviewed at the school in early February. They said IF they decided to use me to teach the program I would start sometime in mid April. Well, days went by and by the end of March I thought "Oh well, I guess that door didn't open". The last week in March I had 2-3 different people ask me about the job which was kind of funny to me as Nobody had mentioned it for about a month. Then I got a call from the school that week, asking if I was still interested and before I knew it all the fliers were sent out and everything was ready for the first class on April 15th.

I was a little nervous, not knowing how many or how interested these children would be. Praise God! They have been a great group to work with so far.

I know the Lord opened this door for me as I don't have a college diploma, I don't play in a famous orchestra, I am not one of the best, I'm not 'qualified' ... I have no real, clear, reason for my being here except that He opened this door. Many times over the past 3 lessons I think "what am I doing here? Lord, what should we do next?" He always answers and the children are doing well!

Thank you Lord for this opportunity to shine Your light!


juls said...

Blessings on you Monika as you walk obediently in the way that He leads. Thank you for taking the time to write out your testimonies, they have ministered to me again today. I have received compliment upon comment about my beautiful necklace that you sent. I always tell where it came from, I wear it daily! Pray for Peter, he had a seizure at school on Tuesday. He has not had one in a year, it has been a year since he was weaned off of his medicine.
He is fully recovered as far as we can see, we only want to do what God requires in his treatment. Pray for us to have God's wisdom. Thanks and Love you all-beautiful Lilleys
Juliet (James 1:1,2)

Anonymous said...

Shalom, I thank the Lord for your walk in the Lord. You are so good with children & you ARE qualified!!
Your playing is like heaven talking.
Love you, Judy