Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random Updates

This past Saturday we went to the Sheep & Wool Festival, the biggest in the nation and met with our friends the Clearys.

I am still teaching violin in Pocomoke Middle School and in private lessons. I have a recital planned for June the 1st. I am still working at Sheppard Realty.

Lee and I will be taking a college class, Lord willing, this summer at Wor-Wic.

Lee just got a black Jetta!

Ruby is almost potty trained. We would put her on the potty every morning, afternoon, and evening but now when she has to go she will go to the bathroom and call for Mom.

David is working on fractions and cursive.

Summer can make really good corn bread and Sophie and her just learned how to make potato chips with the deep fryer.

Summer has been playing with the Asbury Orchestra.

Sophie loves her typing game and anything electronic that has buttons. She knew how to run the DVD player almost before Mom and Dad.

We are all working hard to get the garden ready and planted.

Jonathan is always keeping us laughing. Like the time when we were at a Japenese restaurant and he looked at the pictures on the walls of their gods and turned to us and said "They don't know Jesus, that's why they put crap on the walls."


We are all alive and doing well!


Josh said...

They are so cute!!! That's great about everything, thanks for the update.

DG said...

two words: road trip.

or that can be one compound word

Monika said...