Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fiddlers Convention '09

Friday night some of the kids decided to enter the Berlin Fiddler's convention. Without much preparation, the Lord moved and blessed them and others through them. Definitely not polished. The Lord can do a lot with a little. So, Saturday, they gave it a whirl.
Summer competed in Fiddle and Mandolin.
Sophie in Fiddle.
David, Sophie and Summer in Youth Band which they decided 20 minutes before their category. Dad had to run home a get David's violin!!

Summer placed 1st in Mandolin! She was excellent and completely self-taught!
They decided to play as a Band about 20 mins before they had to go on, taught David the words and how to play "2 dollar bill" on the violin. They decided on Mississippi Mud Truck and Amazing Grace and 2 Dollar Bill and placed 2nd! They were wonderful! Jonathan and Ruby were ready to play with them but....Jonathan, when he got on stage, ran off the stage and took off down the rode carrying his violin as the crowd urged him to play. As dad put Ruby on stage, of course it was a long day without a nap she cried and jumped down into daddy's arms.

How could we have done all this without the help of our good friends and neighbors, the Hammer family. They picked up Summer and Sophie at 9:30 so they could be there to register at 10 am and stayed with them until we arrived. They continued to help us all through the long day by holding kids and baby, running to and fro, encouraging the children, giving a cold drink, and lending Summer the mandolin to play on!!! We owe you, Hammers!!!

I am so proud of them!


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Jean said...

I wish I had been there.