Friday, October 16, 2009

1st Shift

I start observing tomorrow morning at 6am (6pm Eastern Time). That will be my first shift... morning. Around 6-8 hours. Then I have off on Sun. since everyone is going on a boat trip to go snorkeling. Some of the girls' families are here so they wanted to do something special... looks like I came at the right time! :-)

Then I observe on the 19th swing shift, 21st prenatal, 22nd and 23rd swing shift, 24th day shift, 26th something-I-can't-remember, 27th day shift, and 29th swing. I know that was probably rather boring but... that's my first 2 weeks schedule.

We did go out tonight to the park and had Durian, Mangosteen and some other fruit that wasn't all that great. Durian is... wow, really different. They say it grows on you the more you eat it. I'm not so sure of that. It was like an egg custard... I don't even know how to describe it. It isn't too bad if you gulp coke after taking a bite. I really like the mangosteen.. it's like a lemon crossed with an orange... or something. It's a little tangy.

Well, I had better go to bed... have to get up early.

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