Thursday, November 12, 2009


Growth, fruit.

It's what we all want, right?
Yet why do we complain when He puts us in the very situations that cause growth?

I only know this because...I am so guilty of this.

I asked Him to make me depend on Him and Him alone. So what does He do? He takes me half way around the world, where I know no one, where I can depend on no one, where there is no one to spiritually feed me and guess what?
I want to go home!

But deep down I know that this is the only way He is going to grow me right now.

I needed to go somewhere where I wasn't special, where I wasn't known, where I can't speak the language, where I am doing something I really know nothing about and am learning as I go, where I am not needed.

That's what is going to cause growth and fruit in my life. It's the winds and the rains, it's the hurricanes that prove the strength of the tree while making it stronger.

Don't get me wrong. I am thoroughly enjoying my time here. I have learned so much and have been so blessed in so many ways... this is just what has been on my heart... and it is so humbling realizing how prideful I really am.

So Lord, I really do thank You for all You have done to help me grow. Help me to learn and grow as You present new "trials". Thank you for humbling me and showing me the areas I need to grow in. You are so wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your heart