Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Perfect Picture

For the first time I think I actually saw, not with my head (knowledge) but with my heart (understanding), just a small taste of how much He actually loves me.

This video was one of the links in the chain of events that helped me to really "see" His love. It is such an amazing picture of His love... I was so blessed by it. I cannot wait until the whole video comes out.

Every time I watch it I cry. This is how He feels for me and this is how I feel for Him. Knowing I belong to Him and am waiting for His return. So excited in the waiting!

I AM in Love

The Reel Show | MySpace Video

This is what I am waiting for. This is what I want in an earthly relationahip. To be treasured beyond measure... not because I am anything but simply because Jesus gave us to each other. I want our love and trust to grow stronger in the waiting. I want our marriage to be a picture of Christ's love for His bride. I want a man that is always going to love his Master better than he loves me.

But until God sends His choice to me I am content in the waiting, knowing that He loves me better than any man every could.
"... and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time?..." Jeremiah 49:19


Julia Ann said...

HI Monika! I read your blog and as I saw this post, I recognized it!!! The video, "I am in love"!!! Isn't it amazing?? We are close friends with his family, ( and now her's too) and were at the betrothal & wedding! It was beautiful! His family are the ones I went to Israel with, is their website. Enjoying hearing about all your adventures!! We're now at our boat in NC, preparing to start another adventure, following where He leads us! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Julia Ann

Julia Ann said...

A ps. to the story, Brayden & Tali, the couple, are expecting their first in Jan!!