Monday, November 16, 2009

The Story

On November 15th I worked night shift from 10pm-6am. It was a relatively busy night; postpartums, early labors, transports etc. All of the "baby-catchers" had labors and since I needed one more assist I was hoping one of them would deliver before 6am. Well, God had other plans.
Another labor came in and Carmen (my supervisor) said "Ok, Monika, all beds are full but you can check her in right here in the baby check area and when Jenna transports her labor to DMC (Davao Medical Center) you can have Bed 1."
I stood there looking at her and just kinda said "okkkaaaay."
She just smiled and handed me the chart.
So once she came out of the CR (Comfort Room aka bathroom) I checked her vitals at 12:27am. She was a G3 P1, meaning this was her 3rd pregnancy but has only delivered once before... she had a miscarriage with her first child.
All her vitals where normal and her contractions where about 1 min. apart, moderate-strong , lasting for about a min. Once we went into Bed 1 she wanted to push. She was so fast!
Baby was out at 1:18am with no complications.
A beautiful little girl named Jean Claire, 7lbs 13oz.
I was so busy doing the baby bath, baby exam, filling in all the info on the Birth Certificate, stablizing the mommy and moving them to post partum so thay could rest that I didn't finish it all until 6am!
After that I was like "I just caught a baby! I just caught a baby! I just caught a baby! I just caught a baby!" It was amazing! One of the girls got pictures so hopefully I will get them from her so I can post them soon.
God is much too good to me!

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