Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Family Updates

Birdie has been taking her first steps! She is so cautious... but loves the attention when we all stop whatever we are doing to watch her!

Ruby has been so funny. Recently when I was putting her down for a nap she said " I am a good princess." We also heard her singing " Amazing grace, how sweet I am." And boy does she have Daddy wrapped around her little finger! :-)

David and Jonathan ate a whole burger and a half each last night! I am beginning to wonder how we will ever feed them when they hit the teen years!

Summer and Sophie have been sewing and knitting up a storm! I can hardly walk upstairs but the items they are producing are wonderful! Hopefully I will get them set up with an etsy store soon... but since we don't have internet at the house.. well, it has really cut down on all internet related posting. :-P

Lee and Jenn are still planning for May 15th as their wedding day. So much planning... but the Lord is really blessing them! Ribbons and candles in her colors, the church and a hall for the dates they wanted ( available only a month or 2 in advance!) and so much more! I did their engagement photos and I think they turned out alright... hopefully I will get to post the pictures.

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