Sunday, August 29, 2010


Any of you young ladies looking for encouragement I would highly recommend the website Young Ladies Christian Fellowship.
I have been so encouraged and convicted by some of the articles. God has definitely used it in my life.
My only word of warning, and this applies to any website, sermon, relationship you might have, it shouldn't replace your personal relationship with Him.
I have fallen in that trap many times without even knowing it. Yes, that person/article/sermon/ relationship/book may have been helpful, encouraging, inspiring, or even convicting but in thinking that would fill the void in my life it only set me up to be disappointed and frustrated.
Nothing, absolutely nothing can or should have that sort of influence on me except for Jesus.

When I'm lonely, I don't need a relationship, I need to spend more time with Jesus.
When I feel empty, I need to feed on His Word more.
When I am confused or frustrated I need to remember to focus on what He says about the situation I am in.
When I feel like everyone around me has something ( physically or spiritually) that I don't, I need to remember He is my Shepherd and I shall not want. If I don't have it yet then I must not really need it.

The only thing I need is Him. I don't really "need" anything else. Other things may help but if I start to lean on them He will take them way... just to show me who or what I am really leaning on.

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