Sunday, August 29, 2010


It is absolutely amazing to me how much He loves me.

I just don't understand why He would even care about me let alone bless me in the way He does! Even little things that don't matter at all in the long run matter to Him.

Such is the case with the CMSA.

I first found out about the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association about 4 years ago. My mom brought home an old magazine she found somewhere and of course, I wanted to do it! Watching it would be nice too... I guess. :-)
The basic idea is to keep the days of the Old West alive. Each participant must wear 1800's period costume while competing. They ride their horse through a pattern of balloons, sort of like barrel racing, shooting the balloons with their black powder pistols.

There aren't many local groups that do this but there was one group up in Delaware that would have competitions during the summer. I had wanted to watch an actual competition so when we found out they were having one I really wanted to go. I was supposed to teach that day but my lesson ended up calling and canceling. Hooray! :-)

Our whole family went and yes, it is awesome to watch... and I am sure even more fun to do!

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