Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Keep Pedaling

"Go! Great Job! That is so good!" The excited words and smile on my face easily showed my joy and happiness as did the tongue out and concentrated look on her face show her determination as she tried for the first time to pedal.
Today Berty learned to ride her first bike while Ruby learned to ride her first bike without training wheels. Everyone gathered to watch as they proudly showed off their new skills. As I video taped this new chapter of their lives I realized I was also closing one.

Tears fill my eyes as I write this.
Simply thinking of the time when they will no longer snuggle on the couch to read with me or want to sleep in "Mon-ah's" room fills my heart with sadness.
Pretty soon we won't need to push strollers anymore. Pretty soon they won't need me to hold them or play with them.
Change is hard.
But what won't change is that they will always be my brothers and sisters. I hope they will always need me just like I need them.
They may grow up but they will never be too big to be my brothers and sisters... my family... my friends. That will never change.
I may mourn my "loss" with my siblings growing up. I may not always like the way things change but I know it's all part of His plan.
 Through the hard times of change I can look forward to the day when we will walk and work and fellowship together as adults... as best friends... as family.

And that's something to keep pedaling for.

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