Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So what's been going on lately you may ask?
Well, for one thing there are no more goats on our property right now. Which is a happy and sad feeling. Sad in that we just can't keep them here but happy in the fact that they will no longer be escaping and eating our garden or my clothing! I'm serious! They love to eat clothes and not just any clothes. They seem to particuraly love my clothing. Out of an entire line of clothes they have several times picked out ONLY MY CLOTHES! Arrgghh. At least I have sometimes been able to alter them after they have been chewed up so I can still use them.
Summer has finally gotten her driver's permit. That's right! Clear the road, she's coming through!
Just kidding.. she's doing fine. She is an amazing musician and artist.... she is so stinking creative!

Sophie is growing up. Not much longer until she can get her permit. She has also been skateboarding with the boys and is doing much better than I ever did. :-)

Berty and Ruby have been keeping us laughing at their antics and thoughts on life. Just a few days ago they were running through the house in cowgirl outfits on their hobby horses. So adorable!

The boys  have been skateboarding a lot and are getting pretty good. It's funny to hear them talking about all the tricks they can do or want to do and it reminds me of when Lee and I were little and he was doing the same thing. You would think I would know what they were talking about after hearing Lee for years but no. Even though I may recognize a name or two I have yet to be able to remember the trick that goes with the name.

I am now Auntie for a second time! Which also makes Mom and Dad Grandparents again! My brother and sister-in-law had their second child on Oct. 8th. Jackson Ezekiel Lilley, thier second boy and only 359 days apart! To make it even more exciting this little guy decided he didn't want to wait any longer and was born on the side of the road after only a 3 hour labor! Everyone was fine and is still doing great!

So that was a little update... hopefully I will keep this up. :-)

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Beatrice said...

Sounds like an amazing time!! WE miss you all SO much... hoping we can sometime make it out that way :)

LOve to you All!

Beatrice (and rest of the family)