Monday, November 25, 2013

Basic Soap

Everyone loves homemade soap! There is just no comparison to store bought. In our house, we love our homemade soap so much that we even hide it from each other!

There are so many different varieties we have made over the years: peppermint patty, oatmeal, fennel, coffee (just to name a few) but sometimes my favorite is just the plain unscented.

Here is one of the basic soap recipes we used to get started:
2 pounds coconut oil (76 degree)
2 pounds Palm oil (Not Palm Kernal)
2 pounds Vegetable oil
3 pounds Olive oil (Not Virgin)
18 oz. lye and 6 cups of distilled or rain water
Optional Additives: 
1 cup oatmeal (fine blend)
6 oz. fragrance
1 cup of dried flowers
Cocoa powder
Sea Salt
Coffee Grinds.... anything!!!
Oil and Lye mixture was be at 90 to 100 before mixing.
Mix until trace (smooth gravy) using a stick blender.
Once trace has occurred then put in any additives.
Pour into greased pans (we use coconut oil) or freezer paper lined and cover with a quilt
or heavy blanket for 24 to 48 hours. After this cut into shape
you want and let the bars set for 4-6 weeks before using. 
Make 8-9lbs
Now when we make soap we don't use vegetable oil due to it being genetically modified but when we first started it was helpful as we were just experimenting and it was cheap.

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