Monday, November 23, 2009


Before I came to Davao I had been in contact with Mr. David Evans, Director of the Agdao Violin Institute. He asked that if I had anytime would I help out with the institute? Would I?! Of course! I was honored and have had such a great time! The children are really good, I'm actually not much of a help for the more advanced students but I think they enjoy playing for the white american. :-) They children have actually taught me all I know about the cello. They really enjoy being able to help one another. It has been so much fun playing with them, singing and just hanging out together. The children here are so motivated... most of them play not only the violin but the guitar, viola, and cello. They are in desperate need of teachers. The advanced students don't even have a teacher right now. Most of them don't even own an instrument, they have to come to the school to practice. They practice on Mon, Weds, and Fri and have lessons on Sat. In between the Sat. lessons they have a group bible study for the kids. It has been a blessing hearing the children sing and read the verses out loud in visayan. They also have a snack and play a game together afterwards. Such fun! We even played charades once. That was hilarious (and a whole 'nother story)! In the evening as everyone is packing up the instruments some of them go outside and sing on the steps.

Sorry it is so dark but... well.. it was!
Please pray for AVI. I know they would appreciate it.

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Josh said...

WOW! I couldn't understand in the natural what they were saying, but in the Spirit I could. Man, the presence of God came when I watched the singing. PTL!!! What an awesome testimony. Thank you Jesus. It's so amaizing in toon you can be with God and the Spirit when you don't have all the clutter of worldly stuff.